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Located east of the Big Horn Mountain in Wyarno, Wyoming, Nirvana Equine caters to horses in need of rehabilitation and/or conditioning. Nirvana Equine works directly with veterinarians to design a program that is individualized, safe, and progressive. Our in-ground, temperature controlled hydro-therapy system is designed to aid in the therapeutic healing and conditioning of all classes of horses.

We offer the only
in-ground aqua therapy
in the region.

We are committed to equine athletes and their owners.
We look at the equine athlete as a whole and will ensure proper diet, care and exercise.

Rehabilitation and Conditioning

One of the main benefits of hydro-therapy is the relief of stress on a horse’s joints and overall body. Find out how Nirvana Equine's hydro-therapy can help you.



Nirvana Equine offers a multitude of equine housing opportunities to meet every horses’ needs. Check out our facilities for yourself today.


Recovery Center

Our team works closely with veterinarians, trainers, equine nutritionists, and farriers to customize a treatment plan that will ensure optimum recovery.


Trusted Products
& Clinics

Check out the products that we carry and find out more about reserving our space for hosting clinics. Call us for more specific information.


Only in-ground aqua therapy in the local area.
Also ask us about our PEMF Therapy.